internet of things (iot)

We focus on design, develop and manufacture innovative IOT End Device to meet our client futuristic ideas, backed with 15 years of monitoring product development experience we have the right resources and networks to ensure we can convert your billion dollar idea into a real commercially marketable product in shortest period of time and very affordable cost.

Qtechno is no stranger to hardcore mastery of hardware design and system software development to create from the ground up custom IoT devices, optimize their performance and plug them into a network of smart things.

The whole gamut of these “connected dots” that will become the centerpiece of your IoT system include sensors, beacons, connected electronics, interactive objects and wearable tech.

Our Idea Your Market

•   We crack our brains , research and idea on marketable IoT products.
•   Develop prototype to allow you to identify most impactful connected services.
•   We help Our customer on their marketing and business development.

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